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I need a filing system for my computer.

I'm having trouble connecting to the Internet.

Can I show my pictures and movies on my TV?

How can I organize my finances for Income Tax?

Can you help me clean out my computer?

How can I share files between my computers?

Can I watch and record TV on my Mac?

Can a computer play really high quality sound?

Some of the reasons people call for help.

Apple Help Vancouver
House Calls for your Computer
(604) 731-0295
Tutorials and Technical Support 
for Apple Mac computers,
 iPad Tablets, iPods and iPhones
ONE-ON-ONE In-Home Training

PASSWORDS are driving me crazy.

My photos have disappeared.

My email is a mess.

My computer has slowed down.

How do I email photos and movies?

Should I worry about viruses?

How can I hide certain files?

Should I upgrade to The latest Operating System?